Infertility Treatment in Afghanistan

Infertility Treatment

Infertility Treatment in Afghanistan, Infertility Clinic in Afghanistan, Infertility Center, Centre in Afghanistan, Infertility Treatment Specialist Doctors in Afghanistan. Undergoing infertility treatment needs you to first prepare mentally, emotionally and physically. Once you have prepared yourself to go for infertility treatment, make sure that no second thought is persisting in your mind. At the beginning many tests will get conducted on both the partners, mainly blood test and semen tests. Analysis will be carried forward to look after the second stage of testing. Generally in the first round of testing, we look at the root of the problem and once the root is known we go for further testing.

In women generally the focus is on menstrual cycle. Tests and observation continues for a while and once all the reporting is done, doctors look upon the history of the couple as well.Because sometimes the problem is genetic and hence should also be considered. In males, the problem with sperm motility could be a genetic. Once all the reporting is done regarding the questions of hindrance with the pregnancy, doctors start to think upon the required treatment for the ailment of the condition. Our doctor first starts with fertility drugs as we don't want to start surgeries and other treatments initially. On the basis of results gathered the drugs are prescribed.

If the medication doesn't give the desired results then, we go for treatments like IUI, IVF and ICSI that are pretty effective with their results. Even before prescribing these treatments, doctors do make sure that the natural conception is possible or not. If the problem can be cured by simple minor surgeries of uterus and ovary, then the treatments are overruled.

Stepwise treatment is necessary and that can only be suggested by an expert in the field. In our facility we have given smiles to many couples by fulfilling their wish of having their own babies and hence are having a great experience in the field. Come to us and be assured that we'll be taking great care and would work for the happiness of yours with all our heart.

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