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ICSI Treatment

ICSI in Mysore, ICSI Treatment Cost in Mysore, ICSI Cost in Mysore, ICSI Treatment Clinic in Mysore, Best ICSI Centre in Mysore. This treatment is basically designed for the couple that are facing problem with the sperm of the spouse. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is highly sophisticated and successful technique as it is doing wonders since 1980's by giving hopes to millions of couples. This technique has given birth to millions of babies to the couple that were facing male infertility problems. In this treatment, a single sperm is directly injected in the mother's egg for better fertilization. Over the last few decades, because of the disturbed lifestyle of ours, the cases of male infertility have increased a lot and hence this treatment of ICSI proves to be a very good tool to fight the same.

Now let's study a little more about ICSI.
Within this procedure, a single sperm is directly injected in the egg of the mother using high resolution microscopes so that the better fertilization can take place. Within our facility, we have the best machinery, that is, the microscope of Nikon from Japan and NARASHIGE micromanipulator that gives the best possible results and help us to make the treatment give better results. This microscope is considered as the best available machinery for the process. We have the best team in the field that is giving higher rate of success in the ICSI treatment. Our embryologist has given birth to many children for the couples those have lost their hopes to ever had a baby of their own. They are considered as the best in the field in all over Delhi and NCR.

Generally ICSI is considered when the couples are facing these problems:
⇒ Low sperm count of the spouse.
⇒ When the sperm motility is poor.
⇒ Sometimes the structure of the sperm seems to have defects. Then also the treatment of ICSI is considered.
⇒ Sometimes, sperm in the semen is zero. When this condition prevails, doctors have to retrieve the sperm directly from the testis using small surgery.
⇒ In case of previous vasectomy has been performed in the male for male contraception.
⇒ Sometimes the reason is totally unexplained.

Whatever the reason is, you should first consult the doctor over the problem and then decide upon whether to go with treatment and what kind of treatment will give the desired result. In our facility, we have pretty higher rate of success and hence you can be assured that whatever we'll suggest will surely be beneficial.

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