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IUI (Artificial Insemination)

IUI in New Delhi, IUI Treatment Cost in New Delhi, IUI Cost in New Delhi, IUI Treatment Clinic in New Delhi, Best IUI Centre in New Delhi. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is the oldest method known to cure the problem of infertility. IUI technique is the form of assisted conception. During ovulation in the mother, washed and prepared sperm in deliberately placed into the uterus of the mother near the egg so that the fertilization of egg and sperm can take place properly. This is the simplest and most effective kind of treatment used for special cases of infertility. In addition of its simplicity, the procedure is also cost effective. The reason of doing IUI is to expose the egg to more sperm, so that increasing the chances of pregnancy, that is, making of a healthy embryo. There are some prerequisites of using this technique over the patient. Some of them are listed below.
⇒ To perform IUI, the patient should not be more than of 40 years of age.
⇒ Patient, that is the expected mother, should be capable of spontaneous or induced ovulation. If the mother is not capable to it, the technique will not work as expected.
⇒ At least one fallopian Tube should work perfectly fine and have healthy tubo-ovarian relationship.
⇒ At least 40% motility of sperm counts in the spouse. Sperm count should be more than 40 million per ml for better results.

These are some of the prerequisites so the IUI technique but we will suggest you to first consult the doctor before taking any decision because in different cases, different things works.
Now let's talk about the Steps of IUI technique.
⇒ First step is to increase the number of eggs in the mother. For this the mother is kept on medication, some oral pills help in this case.
⇒ Follicular growth in monitored using the ultrasounds. If everything goes according to the favorable conditions, time to insemination is decided.
⇒ Once the time for insemination has been decided by the doctor, then begins the work for the spouse. His sperm is collected and washed to prepare for artificial insemination. All the works are done in laboratory itself.
⇒ Once the washed sperm is ready and the time insemination comes, the sperm is placed in the uterus near to the egg for fertilization.
This technique generally gives good results and is safe under the experts handling.

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